Announcing: Flawless x Oracle NetSuite – A Partnership for the Future

At Flawless Inbound, we know that we always have to disrupt ourselves and sometimes reach for the stars in the furthest corners of the universe to bring innovation to our clients. As part of this constant reinvention, we have been looking for strategic tech vendors to partner with, and we have found our perfect match in none other than the world’s #1 cloud-based ERP platform, Oracle NetSuite.

AdobeStock_301104690One of the key promises of our brand identity is to help organizations rise above the noise and propel them on their journey to the summit. To do that, we need to be the digital enabler for their success and bring true digital transformation to all the departments of an organization. Oracle NetSuite is exactly that strategic tech partner who can help us make good on our promise.  

We’re taking a BIG step forward! 

Since its founding in 2014, Flawless Inbound has evolved in many ways. It’s been a long way from amanagement consultancy to where we are now. Throughout all those years (and even more challenges), we have stayed true to our dogma of THRIVE: Transformation, Human & Humour, Results, Integrity, Vision, and Experience, Education, & Exposure 

Through everything we do, we’re striving to achieve two main goals: becoming a little better at what we do every day so that we can deliver better and better business enablement services to our clients. We reach those two goals through hard work, dedication, and a corporate culture that sees succeeding at business and succeeding as humans as the two sides of a coin. 


As of July 1st, 2020, we are proud to announce that we have taken another big step on this journey: we are honoured to share with you the great news that we have signed a contract with Oracle NetSuite, the #1 cloud-based ERP platform, and are now among the select number of companies to call themselves a NetSuite Strategic Solutions Partners. 

What does this mean for our existing clients? 

Lots of great things! From now on, existing and future clients will have access to two Flawless teams under one roof: one specializing in cloud-based ERP solutions, and one in digital Sales, Marketing, and Services Enablement. First and foremost, that means that Flawless will bring more solutions to help organizations with their large-scale company-wide operations and optimization. Our approach is built on three pillars: 

  1. Proven Playbooks for your operations; 
  2. World-class technology platforms, covering both internal departments and global business operations; 
  3. A team of real experts to help organizations accelerate their journey to the summit. 


What does this mean for us? 

Oracle NetSuite is an addition to our first corporate partnership, HubSpot. The two platforms cover very different, yet complementary aspects of digital business enablement and we can’t wait to see the amazing synergies that will doubtlessly open up very soon. 

Growing our expertise and expanding our portfolio means that, as a client, you get even more value and solutions from one trusted source: as our team of solution architects, sales specialists, marketing strategists, developers, tech experts, and experienced managers grows stronger, so do you! 

Our vision is to be the powerhouse of B2B Enablement in the US and Canada by 2025, and by that year, we will have helped 500+ B2B organizations rise above the noise. The new partnership with Oracle NetSuite is another gigantic step towards achieving that vision. It means that amazing challenges, huge learning opportunities, and endless potential lie ahead.  

The Future Begins With The Next Step

Becoming an Oracle NetSuite Strategic Solutions Partner fills us with confidence that we are on the right path. What has started out as a small consulting business has turned into a strong, dynamic, and resilient digital transformation company. Thanks to the efforts of our team and the strong relationships with our partners and clients, we were able to attract the attention of one of the biggest household names in business software today – and we are confident that this is only the start of something MUCH bigger. 


We are starting into this new chapter of our corporate history with a heightened sense of responsibility toward our current and future clients, our business partners, and our team to continue our quest to rise above the noise. The trust placed in us as a company – by our employees, clients, investors, and everyone who has supported us in reaching our goals over the past 6 years – is a constant reminder of why we are doing what we are doing.  

We believe that our new partnership with NetSuite will prove to be a powerful motor to propel us further towards the future. We are not only looking into the future – we are actively paving the path with our corporate culture as the road map 

Yes, it’s a big goal, and yes, it’s one that takes grit, passion, and a good helping of optimism. We want to thank all who have believed in us so far and promise to do our best to give you many more good reasons to maintain this trust in the future. Let’s take this next step on our journey to ever new summits so we can rise above the noise together. 

To big steps and new beginnings! 

Saher Ghattas and the Flawless Team