ANNOUNCEMENT: Edmonton HUG Meeting on Revenue-Driven Marketing

After the success of our first HubSpot User Group event in September, Flawless Inbound is happy to announce that our second Edmonton HUG event is now scheduled for this month.

We'll be tackling the topic of Revenue-Driven Marketing, which you may have read about over the past couple of weeks in our two-part series.

Zeroing in on two aspects of modern marketing, this HUG is set to get you up to speed on exciting developments that, if you've been a long-time user of the internet, you may have noticed popping up everywhere.

Chat Bots: Conversational Marketing 

There they sit, in the bottom right corner of the browser, saying hello and helping you navigate websites. We've even got our own: InBot!

So how do you get these guys up and running? What are the dos and don'ts? What's the point?

This talk will tackle these questions, and explain how you can use chat bots to do everything from answering questions to reducing the friction in lead conversion.

Universal Design

Websites themselves have changed a lot over the last decade. With the smart phone boom, everything has to be responsive. At the same time, User Experience has become an important factor. A company running a website that not only looks great, but is easy to use? That's a competitive edge.

How do you meld great visual design with ease of use? It's everything from understanding who your users are at a conceptual level, to the technical implementation of buttons and forms. Want to know how you design for everyone at once? Sign up!

Edmonton HubSpot User Group: Be There, November 20

These two talks will give any marketing department a lot to think about. But why would we stop there? Saher Ghattas will round out the evening with a discussion of Revenue-Driven Marketing and how to harness it for powerful exponential growth.

Sign up now and be a part of the conversation!