Analytics and Metrics

Challenges of a Marketing Manager:

Most companies these days dedicate a considerable amount of their resources to marketing, but how do you properly analyze if your marketing is working or not? In many cases, it's not even clear what metrics you need to focus on to get useful stats. This is a major challenge facing data driven marketing managers these days and you need to be aware what factors are available to figure out what does the magic marketing trick and what doesn't.

You’ll need to ask yourself the following questions:

Question 1 – What are the most important high-level inbound marketing metrics that my company uses to measure success?

  • Website Visitors
  • Site Wide Conversion Rate
  • Leads Generated

Question 2 – What are the most important second-tier inbound marketing metrics in my company?

  • Blog Views
  • Blog Subscribers
  • Blog Social Shares
  • Website Visitors By Source
  • Leads By Source
  • Key Landing Page Conversion Rates
  • CTA Button Clicks
  • Gains in Social Reach
  • Keyword Ranking Improvements
  • Email open and click-through rates

Question 3 – How often should we review different metrics?

  • Daily Metrics: Website Visitors, Site Wide Conversion Rates, Leads Generated, Blog Views, Blog Subscribers
  • Weekly Metrics (Daily Tasks Plus): Campaign Performance, Keywords Performance, Sources for Website Visitors
  • Monthly Metrics (Weekly Tasks Plus): Content Performance, Social Media Reach, Performance Versus Goals, Impact on Sales

Marketing Managers today face loftier expectations than ever before, and not only are they still responsible for traditional marketing, but they must also spearhead new initiatives and changes. They need to be a leader in the company, and be accountable for generating revenue through their marketing activities.

The metrics and analytics that are now available through inbound activities enable them to prove that their work is paying off – something that has been very difficult in the past. With technology, Internet or startup companies, the Marketing Manager now plays a pivotal role in the future success of the organization, and their value cannot be overstated.

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