Account Based Marketing for Modern Service Providers

Modern service providers are like airline companies. Airline companies specialize in transporting precious cargo (wanderlust and business travellers) from destination to destination. Modern service providers do the same.

The precious cargo they deal with is valuable business documents integral to day-to-day operations of an enterprise. However, marketing for modern service providers is unique as these businesses aide their clients in safely moving resources from one saved location to another using migration technology. These resources can include SharePoint files, entire databases, information saved in the cloud, public folders, etc.

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What is Account Based Marketing?
Account-based marketing is a highly targeted approach to gaining new customers. This type of marketing focuses on one prospect to convert instead of a long list. Once the prospect has been identified, a personalized marketing campaign is created to convert them into a customer. Not all businesses require the assistance of modern service providers. If modern service providers categorize companies as ideal customers, they can gain more customers by focusing all their efforts on one company at a time to deliver the best results.

Account-Based Marketing Tips for Modern Service Providers
Account-based marketing can be extremely successful if done correctly. This marketing approach is highly personalized, which many companies enjoy and appreciate as it creates a unique buying experience. Here are some tips to ensure you're doing it right, too.

Personalize, personalize, personalize: With account-based marketing, personalization is a good thing. When dabbling with this approach, ensure your landing pages are customized to each client. Account-based marketing is popular because it delivers high conversion rates. Customizing landing pages attributes to these conversion rates. Landing pages should be targeted to specific accounts with custom copy, related imagery, and applicable forms and offers. Landing pages allow for a high degree of personalization. However, you need to know your customer. Some companies can find a high degree of personalization to be intrusive.

Understand through social activity: To create personalized marketing campaigns for your ideal businesses, you need to understand what they care about. What better place to do so than online? Company challenges and initiatives can change in the blink of an eye. Therefore, the enterprise needs to be monitored to ensure you have the most relevant information pertaining to them. Modern service providers can subscribe to Google Alerts to keep tabs on what is happening with their target customers. Monitoring the company's online accounts also puts you in a good position to receive company news. If they're celebrating company milestones or huge successes, you're in a prime spot to send a congratulatory message to create some form of engagement. Monitoring companies online allows you to discover new, relevant information for your marketing campaign.

Increase your sales conversion through strategic assignment: Let's be realistic. All sales teams would like to increase their conversion rates, and there's a smart, strategic way to do so. Some teams like to be fair, assigning sales territories equally. However, equal isn't always smart. If sales wanted to be strategic, they would assign sales territories based on the likelihood of closing the deal. If a member of your sales team already has a connection with someone on the other side of the account, why not use it? If a salesperson has a quality connection with an account, make sure they're the one selling to it. Previous sales relationships and selling history should also be considered when assigning sales territories.

Create C-Suite campaigns: This tip is also strategic and relates to the one just mentioned. Enlist members of your C-Suite to interact with C-Suite members who are a part of your target account. Your C-Suite executives can help cultivate lasting relationships on a one-on-one level. The first form of communication should be a simple email followed by a quick follow-up phone call. It's important this communication is personal and genuine. A business reason to connect should also be given. Afterward, a business executive can follow up with the account to set up a meeting time.

Modern service providers can play a critical role in helping businesses move their resources. By using account based marketing, they can help even more. To effectively use this marketing approach, modern service providers should personalize all aspects of the buying experience, use social intelligence to gather intel, create sales territories designed to convert, and create C-Suite campaigns.