7 Things You Need To Do To Kickstart B2B Growth

You have a revenue growth target. Maybe it’s for this year, maybe it’s for the next 3 years, or 5, or 10 — or maybe it’s a year-over-year target.

Whatever the case, as the CEO or Business Owner of a B2B, you’ve decided on a target for your organization’s revenue growth. So – now what?

Do you have a solid, measurable, plan in place for how you’re going to achieve that target? Does it involve the latest and most innovative B2B sales and marketing strategies? Do you even know what those are? Have any idea which specific marketing and sales tactics you’ll be using?  

If your answer to any of these questions is “sort of?” you’re not alone. A lot, if not most, of the B2B organizations we speak to at Flawless understand their revenue growth goals and know that they need some sort of sales and marketing plan to reach them. Some even have a good idea about what that plan is. What most organizations don’t know is how they’re going to execute that plan.   

Of course, the execution plan for an entire sales and marketing campaign can’t be covered in a single blog post. But what can be covered are a few essential strategies and tactics that you can apply in your B2B immediately to start successfully reaching those revenue growth goals.  

7 Essential B2B Revenue Growth Activities 

1: Make Sure Your Whole Team Is Aware of the Goal 

One of the first mistakes that B2B leaders make when setting revenue growth goals for their business is not including the whole team. Of course, not everyone gets to be (or even should be) involved in the goal-making process. But everyone is going to be involved in working to make that goal happen, so it’s important that they buy into it too.

2: Take Note of Where You Stand Now  

You can’t start off a new marketing plan for revenue growth if you don’t know what your current marketing activities are achieving. Before you get started with any tactics or tasks, make sure to evaluate your current marketing so far. Not just in terms of the results it’s gotten you, but also in comparison to industry standards. If you’re not sure where to start with this evaluation, our new Marketing Diagnostics Quiz can be helpful 

3: Execute Quick-Win Tactics 

Quick-Win tactics are strategies and activities your B2B organization can do right away to start seeing results in 30-90 days or less. Most quick-wins are fairly simple, straightforward activities that you can do while you’re establishing your long-term success activities. Organic SEO for B2Bs can be a long optimization process, so quick wins are a way to get your revenue growth kickstarted in the meantime. Some popular quick-win tactics include:

  • Marketing emails
  • Landing page offers
  • Updating/adding CTAs

You can check out a more comprehensive post on quick wins for B2B organizations here 

4: Inboundify Your Website 

Ok so maybe Inboundify isn’t a real word – but it should be! As the leader of a B2B, you know that your buyers are changing their behaviour. They’re no longer looking for a website that’s all about you and your product. They’re looking for a website that’s all about them and their pain points. If you’re looking for B2B revenue growth this year, you need to think about how your website is functioning in terms of Inbound.

  • Are you addressing customer pain points in headings and main content?
  • Are you providing relevant, informative, educational content to your visitors?
  • Are your forms clear and your “submit” buttons enticing?

There’s a lot that goes into creating a true Inbound site, so make sure to do your research and get started Inboundifying.  

5: Don’t Be Afraid of a Media Buy 

We know – online ads cost money, and the whole point of revenue growth is to make money, not spend it. But, if you truly want to experience fast revenue growth for your B2B, you can’t be afraid of a media buy budget. With proper optimization, Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook ads can all be extremely beneficial to lead-gen. Online ads tend to generate actual, qualified leads that are more set to become customers sooner than other types of marketing. For some organizations, ads can be even more powerful when combined with a retargeting campaign.  

6: Take Advantage of Customer Marketing 

If you’re a B2B organization with an established customer database, you need to be doing customer marketing as part of your revenue growth strategy. Customer marketing means using your past or current customers as a tool to promote and sell your services or solutions. You can gather testimonials to use on your website, ask for reviews on the platform where you’re most often found, offer incentives for referrals, and much more.  

7: Get Yourself a Partner 

If you really want to take your B2B organization to the next level, you need a revenue growth partner. Find an agency that can help with all aspects of your revenue growth – from marketing, to sales enablement, to customer service, to business coaching and more. With an expert partner on your side, you’ll have the best possible chance at achieving exponential revenue growth.  

You didn’t think you’d escape a blog post without any self-promotion did you? Yep – before the post ends, if you’re looking for a partner in your B2B Revenue Growth strategy be sure to consider Flawless Inbound. We’ve worked with over 70+ B2B organizations in Canada and the US and we’re hoping to add you to that number! If you’re interested in learning more about us and our solutions, reach out today.

Otherwise, need to learn more about Inbound? We got you.

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