4 Tips for a Healthy Sales Team Expansion

As the Flawless Inbound sales team expands, we thought we’d take a moment to share some of our successes and how we overcame challenges to help those in similar SMB growth stages.

The pressures of growth can certainly weigh on a sales team! As you’re working to convert leads to customers, there’s always the danger of falling for shortcuts just to make your numbers. But with the right sales culture and attitude, you won’t have to do that.

By following a good sales process and working with your marketing department, you’ll be ready with the right words and solid data to win perfect-fit customers — without scrambling to hit a goal at any cost.

1: Build Confidence in What You’re Selling

One of the biggest factors in selling is instilling confidence in what you’re selling to the client. And you achieve that by being confident yourself. After all, if you’re not personally convinced in the value of your company’s product or service, you’ll have a hard time convincing somebody else of it.

Make sure you’re extremely familiar with what you’re selling — arm yourself with as many examples as you can of client success. This is where it’s helpful to have a case study or two in a shareable format, but you’ll also want to know the stories inside and out when talking to prospects. “Trust us. We can deliver,” is a powerful thing in a sales executive’s toolbox.

2: Experienced Leadership

Leadership isn’t about having an impressive title. It’s about having a handle on the team’s direction and the experience to know how to guide it forward, and fair expectations around the path forward.

You need someone who’s been there and done that and realizes that a sales process needs time to mature. This way, the sales team knows they always have access to help — and won’t be rushed into using desperate spammy tactics that just turn prospects away.

Sales Enablement

3: Commit Yourself to Self-Improvement

A company improves as its team improves. If you want your company’s success to continue to grow, then your team must realize that they as individuals are a critical part of this. This growing success is only sustainable as long as the hunger to grow skills and knowledge continues.

The alternative, that even one sales team member doesn’t have that ongoing drive for self-improvement, means they’ll get used to techniques that may fall out of style and will find themselves behind the trends competitors adopt. That drags down the sales team and limits the company’s realized potential.

4: Diligence in Following the Sales Process

Don’t skip steps in the sales process. Trust the process — and know that while it can and should be amended if need be, that should be a conversation.

Make sure you’re properly qualifying prospects by asking the right questions. And always keep your CRM up to date so you can answer any questions about your status in seconds and so you don’t waste time wading through old contacts and conversations while working on your hotter leads.

Get Your Sales on the Right Track

We don’t just sell marketing solutions at Flawless Inbound. We go deep into both your sales and your marketing programs to understand and recommend winning growth strategies that leverage the best of what you have to offer. We’ve done it for more than 80 B2B organizations across Canada and the US, and we’re always ready to help out!

If you want to learn more about what we do, our online workshop all about Sales and Marketing Alignment is a fantastic place to start. It’s free — and it’ll only take you an hour!

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